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Research Program

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve has a properly established research program whose goal is to generate information and technical and scientific knowledge that will help make management decisions relevant to the protected resources in the area and its protected regions while promoting the establishment of strategic alliances with scientific and academic institutions both national and international, which will allow it to acquire knowledge on the dynamics of ecosystems, populations, species and other resources of interest protected by the reserve.

Research currently plays an important role since it is an indicator of the conservation and protection activities in a given area; it allows us to know where conservation efforts have paid off in the preservation of species as well as the appropriate management of natural resources.

For 40 years, The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve has been dedicated to the conservation of ecosystems that shelter unique and endemic species. However, the health of populations of key species and their impact on the environment in which they develop is yet unknown. Furthermore, according to research records, the majority of investigations are from foreigners whose research topic is sometimes very different from the needs of the research area. Nevertheless, if these foreign researchers do not visit the area to develop their projects, the reserve would be without scientific studies that indicate the management of existing natural resources.

On the other hand, research on taxonomic groups investigated is now known. For this reason, groups that have been neglected such as reptiles, fungi and chemistry of the environment are now taken into consideration. These groups and topics are in great need of attention and as are other areas like invertebrates, amphibians, cloud forest ecosystem and the impact of tourism on biodiversity.

So, not only is it necessary to emphasize and give importance to other groups or topics, but also to understand the goals on which the research program should focus in order to achieve efficient management of resources and their environment. The information generated from scientific studies is the basis for the good performance of other programs and activities to be developed such as visitor care, environmental education and the protection and design of trails. The answers to these questions and concerns are those represented by the participatory development of the "Strategic Research Plan 2010-2020", which guides the way for managing research within the area and at the same time ensures compliance with the conservation objectives for which The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve was created.

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Projects & Research

Within the long-term projects, the project "Permanent Monitoring Plots" (PMP) is found. It began in 2007 and aims to determine the existence, magnitude and significance of changes in indicators of ecological integrity of mountain ecosystems associated with the cloud forest. For this, six permanent monitoring plots of a hectare in a latitudinal gradient spanning the Atlantic and Pacific slopes between 750 and 1563 MASL have been established.

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